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Wellbeing Essentials is developed from research and designed to ensure the micronutrient needs of dogs are provided and it really does make a homemade dog food diet a powerhouse of long term health and vitality.

Why does your dog need Wellbeing Essentials?

Dogs have different needs to humans in nutrients – the main one is the calcium to phosphorus ratio. Humans are the opposite to dogs, needing more phosphorous to calcium. When fed a diet the same as yours they don’t get this balance. Wellbeing Essentials ensures their food is balanced and they have all the calcium they need.

Modern life and modern food means that we don’t always eat everything we should, or the range of foods that we should, and when making food for your dog it is the same. Wellbeing Essentials has a wide variety of foods that are nutrient dense and provide the micronutrients often missing in modern diets.

It is designed specifically to complement home made dog food meals, in accordance with the Nutrient Requirements for Dogs

Take the guesswork out. You can have confidence in making food because you have a micronutrient safety net.

Wellbeing Essentials
Wellbeing Essentials
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$15.00 ea.
Wellbeing Esssentials contains 20+ natural whole foods selected to provide the micro-nutrients that are frequently missing in homemade dog food.  Designed to ensure the right balance of minerals for your dog’s needs and packed with super foods to boost their antioxidants for long term hea...
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