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Dog Grroming

Dog Grooming

The TEAM: The Scruffys Grooming Team is a team of senior groomers with over 10 years experience, junior groomers in training and experienced washer-bathers.

Our SALON: Dogs are free to roam amongst the action or if preferred we can hold them in a smaller area for a quieter day.

Vaccination: Proof of current vaccination to a C5 level (C3 plus canine cough) is a condition of entry to our premises including grooming.

Questions and chats: If you wish to speak to us about your dog’s first groom you are welcome to call during reception hours (9-5 Mon-Fri) or email

Health: Where your dog is new to us or there is something we want you to know (matting, nervousness, ear infection etc) we will send a report home or give verbal feedback at the end of the day. Where changes to your dog’s groom may be required (matting) we will call you. If we can’t get through, we will go ahead and do the groom that is safest for your dog.

Each dog is groomed to the preferred style of the individual customer. If you have new puppy who is new to grooming and you are not sure what you like, we will work with you over a few grooms to develop the style you like. We have a 24 hour guarantee period. If you would like a change to your groom, and we can fix it, please give us a quick call and then make a time to pop back in for minor adjustments.  If it's something we cannot change straight away such as longer tail or ears, we will make a note on the card and it will be different on the next groom.

De-matting: Whilst we understand that some dog’s coats can matt very easily and are hard to maintain, de-matting a dog can cause pain and trauma therefore in those circumstance the only option would be a short shave.

Quality Guarantee: We have a 24-hour quality guarantee - not happy with your groom? – you are welcome to call and arrange to pop back in for minor adjustments. We keep detailed records of all your dog’s grooms, and this helps us develop the exact clip you like.

Planning Ahead: Our grooming salon gets booked out. Sometimes we cannot accept casual grooming spots and will give preference to those dogs that are regular attendees. We recommend booking two to three appointments ahead especially leading up to summer.

When To Arrive: Please arrive by 9am. Early pick-ups (before 1pm) are available (must arrive by 8am). Please request this when you drop-off. Afternoon pick-up: arrange time when you drop-off OR we can call you when your dog is ready to go home.

Booking Grooming: Click here to book your dog’s groom. Please have your dog's proof of current vaccination ready to upload if this is their first groom.