About Scruffy's Grooming

  • At Scruffy's Grooming no dogs are kept in cages all day which can be stressful to the dog.
  • All grooming dogs receive a report from their groomer and we offer a complete 12 month grooming plan that includes winter and summer maintenance from full-clips to wash-n-tidies as well as ongoing tick and flea treatment. Speak to a friendly staff member about this when you pick up your dog.
  • We have a 24 hour quality guarantee whereby if you are not happy with your groom you can pop back in for minor adjustments. We keep detailed records of all your dog’s grooms and this helps us develop the exact clip you like.
  • We ask all grooming dogs to be by 9am. Early pick ups (before 3pm) are available but must be booked in advance. We prefer not to express groom any new dogs (unless in exceptional circumstances such as a tick-groom). For dogs being groomed for the first time we ask for a minimum period of 3 hours so we can get to know your dog and won’t have to rush them through the process.

The grooming process:

  • Dogs attending for grooming will have the chance to settle and play for a short time. They will then get clipped and have another chance to play and rest before being washed, dried and finished. We find this approach popular as it leads to a stress-free grooming experience for your dog. Your dog will be welcome to stay all day if you prefer and they will be minded in the grooming room rest areas. If you would like your dog to enjoy the daycare activities before or after their grooming session this is available at discounted rate of $20. If you prefer a quieter experience or you are worried about your dog mixing with other dogs we suggest them to stay in the grooming minding areas.

Vaccination: Proof of current vaccination to a C5 level (C3 plus canine cough) is a condition of entry to our premises. Please ask staff for more information.

Scruffy's has a 'NO DE-MATTING POLICY'.

Whilst we understand that some dogs coats can matt very easily and are hard to maintain, it is a painful and traumatic experience to de-matt a dog and therefore the only option would be a short shave.