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Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare

What is Daycare?

Doggy Day Care is a day care service for your dog. Your dog can stay for a full-day or a half-day or even for an hour or two.

Fun and Play: All our staff are fully trained in dog group management and use enrichment activities to stimulate fun, play and learning. The daycare is packed with fun play equipment and specially designed elevated beds for naps.

Rest: To avoid over stimulation we ensure the schedule offers time for dogs to have a break and be by themselves in their own bed if they wish to take a break.

Doggy Daycare 1 Doggy Daycare 1

Daycare involves any or all of the following activities:


Agility equipment builds mental stimulation.

General Exercise
General Exercise

Playing with other dogs.

Mental Games
Mental Games

Ball throwing, rope pulling, focus exercises and other mental training games with attendants.

Relaxation Time
Relaxation Time

Structured rest time.

Social Games
Social Games

Mixing with other dogs.

Toys and Obstacles
Toys and Obstacles

Play equipment allows dogs to play and climb. Toys create fun and stimulation.

Water Play in Summer
Water Play in Summer

Wading pools.

Doggy Daycare 2 Doggy Daycare 2

How Does it Work?


Daycare at Scruffys is available Monday to Friday - 7am-7pm.

Many new dogs start with a half-day stay (any four-hour block commencing before 2pm) or per hour.


Must be 16 weeks of age and have completed all their puppy vaccinations in order to attend daycare.


We require a C5 level vaccination certificate for attending dogs. Please check with your vet and/or call and have a chat with our friendly staff if you are not sure. 


Your dog will need to pass an assessment (approx. 15 mins/ $25) before they can attend daycare. Once your dog passes (and most do!) they can stay for that day if spaces are available or book their first visit after the assessment.

Requirements for Daycare:

Your dog must wear a quick release (click buckle) clip collar.  These can be purchased from reception if you don't already have one.  No chain collars or collars that cannot be quickly unclipped.  Collars should also have your dogs name and phone number on them.

Booking an assessment:

To book an assessment your will need to register on our portal (via this website). Once you register as a client you can request an assessment appointment. To register on our portal click here.

Questions and chats:

If you wish to speak to one of our friendly team you are welcome to call during reception hours – 9-5 Mon-Fri. If we are not able to answer please leave a message (or email bookings@scruffys.com.au and someone will call you back to chat. 

Settling In:

During the first 5 visits we will monitor your dog and give you feedback. These early visits give staff the chance to become familiar with your best friend and also decide the best play group for them. 

Daycare Bookings:

Booking are essential during reception hours (Mon-Fri 9-5). You are welcome to email outside of these hours if you require a last-minute booking, however we cannot guarantee a response during the check-in/out times of our daycare day or on weekends. We do not allow walk-ins as the play groups have already been organised for the day. 


Casual daycare visit - $67. See pricelists for multi-visit passes.

Special Introductory Pass:

We offer Introductory 5-visit (half-price) pass for first timers ($175). This can only be purchased on the day of your first visit. 

Lunch Orders

Why not add a lunch order to your pooches day.  For just $6, we will give your dog a snack in the middle of the day. Lunch orders are provided by Pip Eats and are a vet nutritionist developed, single protein meal full of goodness and flavour.