daycare02Q. My dog is aggressive when on a lead, he is ok when he is off lead.  Will he still be able to attend??

A. Maybe. If we are aware this is the case we find it easier to deal with. Most dogs with on-lead aggression do it out of protectiveness of the owner. In a daycare environment there are no leads or owners present. We carefully assess your dog to make sure it is suitable. 

Q. Will Daycare affect my dog's toilet training?

A. In our experience, no. Dogs are clever. Once toilet training has been established, it is very rare that dogs attending daycare will revert back to toileting accidents.  Our daycare and grooming areas have grass mats which most dogs will use to toilet on. 

Q. Why am I not allowed through into the Day Care?

A. Scruffy's is a pack environment. Without exception, whenever a new dog or person (regardless of whether they are a regular client or not) enters the pack the status battle begins. Dogs will re-order and re-decide on pack member positions. All staff are aware of this emotionally heightened time and remain calm with pulse rates low as well as maintaining their leadership status. Members of the public and owners are often not aware of these small signals and therefore for health and safety reasons to both our dogs and humans, we do not allow you into the Day Care. 

Q. My dog hates being groomed and I'm worried they may snap or bite the groomers?

A. Our groomers and staff are trained and experienced in the rehabilitation of dogs in the grooming process. They take the process very slowly and gain the dogs trust first. Grooming aggression can take time and patience to conquer but we are willing to work with you and your dog no matter how long it takes.