Grooming Gallery

Grooming Gallery


Cocopop loves to shake her hair after the bath

We have warm water hydrobaths which provide a deep hygenic clean


Lexie loves a blow dry

With two different types of blow dryers, your dog will enjoy a comfortable drying experience


Cocopop likes her clip experience

We can groom your dog throughout the day so that your dog has chance to relax and play in between grooming stages.  This is especially good for those dogs who may be more nervous of the process


Sasha thinks she looks very pretty after her groom. 

Each dog is groomed to the preferred style of the individual customer. If you have new puppy who is new to grooming and you are not sure what you like, we will work with you over a few grooms to develop the style you like. We have a 24 hour guarantee period. If you would like a change to your groom, and we can fix it, please give us a quick call and then make a time to pop back in for minor adjustments.  If it's something we cannot change straight away such as longer tail or ears, we will make a note on the card and it will be different on the next groom.